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State bath Salzuflen - cure facility

The green surroundings of Bad Salzuflens has a lot to look and discover for you. Active recreational activities are twice as enjoyable in this varied landscape.

Movement belongs in the Kurstad to life philosophy. In addition to the great fitness offer in the state Vital Center, hiking, cycling, tennis, horseback riding and golfing are on the agenda. The Kurpark and the landscape garden also attract numerous runners and walkers.

Explore the historical old town with its colorful, ornate half-timbered buildings, spend a day in the lively pedestrian zone with its diverse shopping opportunities and discover the green spa and landscape park during an extensive walk. Treat yourself to a refreshment at one of the cozy restaurants or have a look at one of the nice cafe and beer gardens.

Experience arrangements

Enjoy the seaside-like climate at the Gradierwerken or relax in our soothing warm Thermalsole. Get to know our lovely salt water town during a short break. Spend active holidays with us or have a relaxing time.

Experience Gradierwerk

Lookout platform at the Bad Salzuflen experience

In July 2007 the Bad Salzufler ErlebnisGradierwerk was put into operation after an eight-month construction phase. The replacement for the oldest grading plant in the city, which had characterized the town of Bad Salzuflens since 1767 and demolished in 2004, has become the most modern of its kind in Europe. The newly built Gradierwerk gives not only an insight into the construction of the grading works, but also houses a number of special features. It is irrigated both from the outside as well as from the inside with the brine from up to 1,000 meters deep.

Viewing platform

Brine cloud chamber in the Bad Salzuflen experience

A massive wooden staircase leads to the viewing platform in the rustic entrance area of the walk-in graduation workroom. There you can enjoy magnificent views over the entire Gradierwerk ensemble and the bathing architecture of Bad Salzuflens as well as the Kurpark.

Brine cloud chamber

Schwarzdorn in the interior of the Bad Salzuflen experience

Inside, you reach the area of the grading plant, which is intensively penetrated by salt-laden air and invites you to take a deep breath. A walk with small Ruhenischen leads into the Sole-Nebelkammer. With soft music and colorful changing stars, it is a wonderful place to relax. And quite ne-benbei, with every breath, the invigorating microparticles of the healthy air act like a new cell line on the immune system. Tiny water droplets, so-called aerosols, stimulate the blood flow through the lungs and the oxygen transport to the blood in a natural way - an energy kink for every body cell and a well-being for body, mind and soul.

Vitalotel Roonhof

  • Roonstraße 9-13
  • D-32105 Bad Salzuflen
  • Phone: +49 (0)5222 343-0
  • Fax: +49 (0)5222 343-100
  • Mail: info@roonhof.de
  • Web: www.roonhof.de